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Here are some tips and guidelines to get you started:

  • If you have offices in more than one region, select the description below that best matches the locations that you want to evaluate with this cost of print analysis. And, for the remainder of the questions, use only data that corresponds to the description that you selected.
  • When answering questions that require a numeric value, please enter data without using commas or periods (ex. 1000).

*All questions are required

1) Please enter the total number of office locations for your organization.*

2) Please indicate the number of your office locations being included in this analysis.* (For example: If your organization has 12 office locations and you only wish to perform this evaluation for 8 locations, input the number 8 in this field.)

Please answer the following questions for the office locations selected for this analysis.

3) Total estimated number of employees?

4) Estimated number of employees using office printers/copiers?

5) Estimated number of multifunction network printers and copiers in use?

6) Estimated number of single-function network printers in use?

7) Estimated number of non-networked personal printers in use?

8) Estimated paper usage in pages per month? (Note: 1 ream equals 500 sheets of paper)

9) What best describes your supplies management processes?

10) How would you describe the current state of your "break/fix" support for your print and copy devices?

11) Do you use print management and output solutions such as management software, toner usage, pages printed, color restrictions, etc.?

12) Do you have print security measures in place for handling confidential or sensitive documents such as secure release, encryption, secure disposal, etc.??

13) Does your company utilize a mobile printing solution which allows users to print from any device (e.g. PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) to any printer within your network?

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