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Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Let’s face it. The latest and greatest term in the printing industry today is Managed Print Services (MPS).

It is truly amazing that everyone claims to have the best solution for you. If you are in IT or a CFO/COO, you have probably received multiple calls regarding MPS. You may have even gone through an assessment or signed a contract for MPS already. The bottom line is that MPS means many different things — there is no universal definition.

Cutting the cost and complexity of print management is now absolutely critical to your bottom-line company profits. LaserCare's PrintSmart Solution helps you save and simplify with a complete easy-to-implement usage-based program that leverages your purchasing power into a “bundled” solution. This includes any combination of new printers & MFP devices, print cartridges, nationwide maintenance & superior-level on-site support, and comprehensive fleet management for your installed base of printers.

You'll improve management and user efficiency, tighten control, and contain all your print-related expenses company-wide that may result in annual per page cost savings of 40% or more.

HP Managed Print Specialist Premier Partner
Xerox Authorized Solution Provider
HP Authorized Service Center
  • New approach to acquiring/managing equipment: Buying Pages
  • Does not require any new hardware equipment purchases
  • Flexible pricing structure with no upfront capital outlay
  • Includes any combination of print consumables, maintenance, on-site break/fix support, printers, MFP's, installation & training
  • Industry leading software to track, report & monitor
  • Dedicated 9x5 on-site technical staff provided, if applicable
  • Responsive, priority-level local on-site service & support
  • Proactive Smart Alerts improve customer satisfaction
  • Preventive maintenance Health Checks reduce downtime
  • One single-source vendor, one simple monthly invoice
  • Monthly auto-stocking and management of toner and supplies
  • No minimum volume or long-term contract for installed fleet
  • Control and significantly reduce total per-page printing costs
  • No hidden fees: program includes everything except paper
  • Free up valuable IT staff resources for other productive uses
  • Minimize unexpected downtime, maximize enduser satisfaction
  • Administrators stop ordering, stocking & managing supplies
  • Simple billing with management reports and easy cost allocation
  • Take advantage of redeployment opportunities to maxmize ROI
  • Let us help you uncover a potential hidden goldmine of savings

National Coverage

Over 1,000 Cities Covered

LaserCare is devoted to offering our managed print service program on a comprehensive national level. Wherever your business is located we have the expert resources to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of technicians in the field, LaserCare's exclusive service engineer network is poised to deliver a custom solution that aids your business in achieving its goals through cost control and improved productivity.

Current Trends and the Future of Network Printing

Document-related expenses cost 5-15% of corporate revenues

Paper use is increasing 6-8% each year, and is expected to grow for the next 20 years

70% of white-collar time is spent processing paper

Print volume surpassed copy volume as early as 1995

90% of all companies do not know what they are currently spending on internal desktop and network printing
Buyers Laboratory Inc.

Output fleets are one of the most overlooked and undermanaged assets costing enterprises 1-3% of revenue per year representing a hidden gold mine of savings
Gartner Group

Based on a Proven 3-Step Process

Infrastructure Management

1. Manage Environment

Free up your IT resources with efficient printing and imaging management tools and services.

  • Introduce network management tools
  • Manage a secure, reliable network operation
  • Reallocate resources and prepare growth
  • Implement PrintSmart

2. Optimize Infrastructure

Gain visibility and control. Create a cost effective, reliable and secure printing and imaging environment.

  • Assess your current environment
  • Create reliable, cost-effective infrastructure
  • Reduce energy costs and unnecessary waste
  • Refresh & redeploy

3. Improve Workflow

Transform document-intensive workflow's and information management with end-to-end solutions and services.

  • Reduce paper intensive processes
  • Enhance security and compliance to reduce risk
  • Partner with experts like HP and Xerox to see through the process

Annual Printer Operating Cost Savings with Printsmart*

Company Size/ Annual Revenue $10 Million $50 Million $100 Million $250 Million $500 Million $1 Billion
Avg. Annual Spend $200k $1 Million $2 Million $5 Million $10 Million $20 Million
Avg. Annual Savings Opportunity $40K $200K $400K $1 Million $2 Million $4 Million

PrintSmart Managed Services

LaserCare's PrintSmart Managed Services offers a new approach to acquiring and managing office equipment - simply “buying pages”. You pay for pages produced in a true usage model and LaserCare will provide all of the hardware, nationwide service and supplies that are needed for your business. Without requiring any new hardware purchases, LaserCare assumes responsibility for and management of your company's installed base fleet of printers. This outsourced service frees up your IT department to focus on network initiatives that have a greater business value, helps customers improve efficiencies, control costs and implement fleet management standards.

As part of this service LaserCare will
  • Conduct a detailed assessment and output fleet inventory
  • Create a customized solution to solve asset management issues that may exist
  • Offer flexible methods to acquire new equipment
  • Optimize your output environment with a management program that includes metering & tracking, technology refresh & redeployment recommendations, end-user process definition and development, training & efficient use of equipment and technology, complete nationwide on-site maintenance support services, supplies management, and single monthly billing with custom management reports

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