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  • 30+ years of MICR industry experience
  • Responsible for over 3 Billion pages
  • More than 300,000 cartridges sold
  • Performance guarantee with exclusive onsite warranty
  • OEM and compatible new products available

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Availability and Pricing
LaserCare offers MICR Toner for most HP LaserJet and MFP Printers. For pricing and availability, please call (800) LASER-20.

The goal of MICR encoding checks is to make them easily readable by the broadest range of high speed processing equipment. As such, it only makes sense to use high quality toner products specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of the financial industry. Which is exactly why many companies have standardized on LaserCare MICR Toner Cartridges.

Guaranteed Quality
The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) has set rigid standards for the permanence and signal strength of MICR characters. Our MICR Toner Cartridges are tested to meet and exceed these signal strength standards. In fact, when used as instructed with the appropriate supporting equipment and software, LaserCare MICR Toner is guaranteed to produce MICR encoded checks that are readable by financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System and the Canadian Payments Association.

HP OEM Cartridges
To ensure compatibility with your HP LaserJet printer or MFP, we start with quality HP OEM cartridges. It is the HP original parts and quality HP OEM cartridges. It is the HP original parts and quality MICR Toners that sets LaserCare apart.

Designed for Your Printers
The way that a printer applies MICR toner to paper varies from one model of printer to another. As a result, MICR toner that has been formulated for one type of printer will often not meet the American Bankers Association (ABA) MICR standards of performance if used in a different model of printer. LaserCare ensures compliance by fully testing and expressly engineering several different types of MICR toner to support each of the wide range of toner cartridges and printer models available. When you are using a quality test MICR font and printer and purchase the appropriate MICR Toner Cartridge from LaserCare, you know that is fully designed, built and tested to create financial industry standard MICR characters on your specific model of printer or MFP.

Complete MICR Encoding/Check Printing Solutions
When it comes to MICR encoding and check printing products, LaserCare MICR Toner Cartridges are just a small fraction of our product offerings. Whether you're working in a Windows, SAP or other small business or enterprise environment, we offer a full range of hardware and software solutions to facilitate, streamline and secure your check printing process. Contact your LaserCare representative for more information.