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Would your fleet benefit from industry-leading printer management tools or even an outside service agreement? Free up staff and avoid waiting for critical software updates, regular maintenance, supply deliveries and security updates.

According to Gartner, companies are recognizing that - output fleets (print-copy-fax) are one of the most overlooked and undermanaged corporate assets...representing a hidden gold mine of savings. Moreover, the long stagnant office equipment market has experienced tremendous growth over the past two years. Recent trends dictate the following:

  • Cost not understood: 90% of all companies do not know what they are currently spending on internal printing, nor do they fully understand their real and total cost per page
  • Convergence of technologies: the market is shifting from analog to digital technologies and to color and enterprise-class multifunction printers (MFP's) mostly from industry leader HP.
  • Fragmented ownership: typically different departments are involved in the aquisition and management of output fleets. Facilities handles copiers, IT supports printers and Purchasing orders supplies without a centralized strategic plan.
  • Printing growth: the Internet has created an explosion in the number of print jobs generated by users. Paper use is increasing 6-8% each year, and is expected to continue growing. Print volume surpassed copy volume in 1995.
  • Increasing costs: Up to 3% of a company's revenue is spent on printing; that's $3 million for a $100 million company.
  • Balanced deployment: companies are reconsidering traditional output fleet strategies in favor of consolidated, multi-function platforms that offer network printing, copying, scanning, faxing and digital sending in a single device, thereby reducing inventory and per page operating costs.
  • Innovative fresh new approach: over the past few years LaserCare has developed a proven solution to help companies audit, understand & control monthly cost per page and create a long term cost-effective strategy based on each client's unique situation.

LaserCare's exclusive PrintSmart program includes comprehensive management for your current existing fleet, with any combination of new equipment, on-site support services, printer consumables, software, and training through an easy to understand solution from one single accountable vendor. Click here for more detail info on LaserCare PrintSmart Print Management Solution. Contact us today to learn how LaserCare can help you reduce TCO and maximize ROI on your output fleet environment!

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